VVA 862



  Southwestern, Pa.

Now over 75,000 members in the United States

VVA 862 is the "Largest" VVA Chapter in Pennsylvania.

as of the Jan 20, 2016 meeting

VVA  760  total w/ LIFE Members  - 640

  3rd "Largest Chapter in the United States"


"Special Announcements"

VVA 862

Congratulations to the

"World Champion"
Denver Bronco's

"Super Bowl" Winners for 2016


Rochester VFW - Is looking for a "Short Order Cook"

This is where we hold our meetings!

Rochester VFW

179 Virginia Ave.

Rochester, Pa. 15074

Apply at the VFW Afternoon or call 724-775-1624

Do we have any VVA or AVVA members who might be interested in this position?


VVA 862

"BOD Meeting"

Wednesday Feb 10th, 2016

Rochester VFW - 7:00 PM


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You may now obtain a Life Membership for $75.00!

VVA 862 has agreed to continue to pay the $25.00 discount for life membership applications for  our chapter?  Even if all remaining Chapter 862 “non-life” members take advantage of this, we will still receive more money in life membership rebates than the cost of this discount. 


We now have a new PO BOX address to be used for VVA 862 Mail

VVA Chapter 862

PO Box 26

Rochester, Pa. 15074



Please Welcome Our Newest "LIFE"  VVA 862 Members:



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Less then 2 weeks away.

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TET Party Information


Our meetings are currently held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the:


179 Virginia Ave

Rochester, PA. 15074


We are one of very few, "Board of Directors" that meet monthly!
 The Board of Directors meets in the "Board Room"

every 2nd Wednesday of every month at 7:00 PM. 

VVA Chapter 862 is located in Southwest Pennsylvania.

Our membership includes all of Beaver County as well as the following surrounding counties. Allegheny, Armstrong, Butler, Fayette, Greene, Lawrence, Washington & Westmoreland Counties. 
 We also have many members scattered out all over the United States. 


(Brief History)

When did it all start? We needed 25 to sign a charter,
 Our first meeting was organized by Lloyd "Skip" Haswell and held on Wednesday, March 15, 2000 at Boscov's Department Store in the Beaver Valley Mall in Monaca, PA.  We only had 17 attend.

We waited for 3 months, Skip put an ad in the Beaver County Times and tried again!
The next meeting was held at the Monaca American Legion on Wednesday, July 19, 2000 where we had 53 attend, therefore, we signed the charter that night and we have met every month since then. An "Election of Officers" was held that evening, and we were on our way

President - Lloyd "Skip" Haswell

Vice President - Michael Mikulich

2nd Vice President - Jon Neely (Dec)

Secretary - Frank "Lee" Corfield

Treasurer - William T. Muns

Delegate - Tracy King

This chapter was organized under the Law of 1988 and filed Articles of Incorporation with

the Pennsylvania Department of State on the 2nd day on November, 2000.


VVA PA State President Jeff White presenting us our New Charter!

(L - R) Jeff White, Skip Haswell, Jon Neely, Tracey King & Bill Muns


Our Executive Board

Larry Googins

President & Chairman of the BOD

William "Duck" Laughner

Executive Vice President

Richard Kamzelski

Cliff Hawes

1st  Vice President

2nd Vice President

Lee Corfield


Jake Barsottini


Our Board of Directors

 ( ) Time left to serve

Gary Shaffer (3) 

Michelle Wilcox (2)

Rich Tindell (3)

Philip Morris (2)

Pete Herman (3)

Don Villella (2)

Chuck Inman (1)

Nick Pavkovich (1)

Rich Raich (1)


Our Delegates

Lee Corfield

Bill Laughner

Larry Googins 

Terri Carr

 Philip Morris

Jake Barsottini

Chuck Inman

Michele Wilcox

Pete Herman 

Nick Pavkovich

 Ray Rapp

Rich Raich  -  Alt



Our Nominating Committee


Lon Hogue - Chairman

Bart Farzati

Ken Pingatore


Our Trustees


 Bill Winkle - Chairman

Joe Mavero

Wayne Cumer






Hague’s Automotive Products (Ralph Hague) Beaver Falls, Pa. 1-877-377-7392

Fred’s Auto Shop (Fred Fattore) 1400 Airport Rd. Aliquippa, Pa. - 375-3812

Uneeda Tire Co (Tim Mulhollen) - 624 8th Ave Beaver Falls, Pa. 843-3208

Butch’s Auto Clean - (Gary Gilchrist) - Beaver Falls, Pa 724-359-7465

Brown’s Auto Shop - (Les Brown) Aliquippa, Pa. 724-495-2699

Pelloni’s Auto Repair - (Rich Pelloni) Industry, Pa. 724-643-4844


TEC Electric (Tom Cekovich) Electrical Work Beaver Falls, Pa. 846-9864

General Contractor A. Michael Galbraith, Baden, Pa. 869-2366

City Hardware (Don Pickering) 726 Midland Ave, Midland, Pa. 643-4570

Flooring Wynn Starr - “All Types” - Aliquippa, Pa. 724-643-6207

Abraham’s Outdoor Power Equipment (Mitchell Abraham) - North Apollo Pa- 567-7671

Dump & Back Hoe Wm O’Brien 141 Beaver St Fallston, Pa. 846-7332


Kelly’s Riverside Saloon, (Lisa Kelly) Bridgewater, Pa. 728-0222

Brighton Hot Dog Shoppes (Frank Papa) 300 S. Walnut Ln Beaver Suite 400 Beaver, Pa. - 775-9070

Wooden Angel/Wooden Indian (Alex Sebastian) Bridgewater, Pa. 774-7880

Punk's Ice Cream Shoppe (Mariellen Ketterer) Rt. 65, Baden, Pa. 869-1967


Chiropractor Dr. Julius Bergiel, 92 Pleasant Dr. Aliquippa Pa.- 375-2000

Chiropractor Dr. Michael Sisk, 200 9 St. Monaca , Pa.. 774-8068

Beaver Valley Nursing & Rehab (John Papasodero) Beaver Falls, Pa. 846-8200

MD, Ear Nose Throat Surgery/Allergy (John Straka), 1099 Ohio River Blvd Sewickley, Pa. 412-741-5670

Atcheson Oral Surgery (David Atcheson) 255 3rd Street Beaver, Pa 724-728-1700


PA Guardianship Services, LLC - (Drew/Doris Grivna) 724-601-4696 Co-ordinator dmgpags@gmailcom

Pa Metal - Stainless Steel Fasteners Nuts to Nails (Jerry Fisher) 724-728-9370

Detective Agency/Security Charlie Herdt, Beaver Falls, Pa. 891-6244

Huntsman's Funeral Home (James Huntsman) Rochester, Pa. 775-0655

Duck Ticket Sales (Cliff Hawes) 724-728-5065  “Our Biggest Fund Raiser every Year”

Attorney (Gene Martucci), 190 W. Washington, Rochester, Pa. 728-3000

D.J. (Oldies Music) (Jeff Hess), Beaver Falls, Pa. 846-3961

D.J. (Old Time Rock & Roll) (Dick Bell) - Beaver Falls, Pa. 843-2759

Voices - Digital Music For All Occasions - (Rudy Zetz) - 724-622-0069

Beaver County Veterans Affairs Director (Kathy Nairn) Beaver, Pa. 728-5700 Court House

Inkstar Printing Sue & Rich Fudurich - Beaver Falls, Pa. - 847-2940 print@myinkstar.com

Haircuts Tony Pietrandrea, Koppel, Pa. 843-0649

Fig Tree Travel (Dan & Kathy Varna) - Freedom, Pa. www.figtreetravel.com or 724-728-4624

Specializing in Disney, Princess, Carnival Cruise & Apple Vacations

Darlington Lawn Service (Charles Ray Jr.) - Darlington, Pa. 724-513-7804

Keep It Short Landscaping & Lawn Care (Corey Allinder) - Aliquippa, Pa. 724-630-3453

LSG Enterprises Inc (Tee Patillo Jr) Roll Off Containers Office Clean Out Services - Aliquippa, Pa. 375-2542

Oxford Realty (Rudy Zetz) - 1289 Brodhead Rd Monaca Pa 724-774-7373

Howard Hanna Realtor - (John Sergeant) 412-252-5500 Ext 253 johnsergeant@howardhanna.com

Rochester VFW Hall Rental (Rick Hogue) 724-774-4378 Where we hold our VVA Meetings  5000 Sq Ft.


Ambit Energy - (Phil Talbott) 330-303-5934 Turn Your Energy Into Income

E.M. Jewelers (Eddie Marx) 517 Locust Place, Sewickley , Pa. 412-741-1111

Rose Mary’s Corner (Dan Murdoch) Rochester, Pa. Fine Antiques, Architectural & Accessories 728-1558

King Beaver Cigars (Vince Orend) 1106 Penna Ave Monaca PA 724-774-5166

Steve’s Gunsmithing (Steve Martin) - Monaca , Pa. 724-683-0553

Jamison Taxidermy (Jack Jamison) - Rochester, Pa. 724-581-8518