VVA 862

VVA 862




Southwestern, Pa.

Now 83,472 members in the United States as of April 2018

Total PA VVA Veterans - 4359


VVA 862 is the "Largest" VVA Chapter in Pennsylvania.

3rd "Largest Chapter in the United States"


As of April 30th, 2018 Roster

VVA 862 - 798 LIFE - 748



 "Special Announcement"

"This afternoon"

Flags on Graves

Sylvania Hills  -  4:00 PM

Joe Mavero will be on the bend as he is every year.

Thursday - May 24th, 2018

Time - 4:00 PM

Thank You


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You may now obtain a Life Membership for $75.00!

VVA 862 has agreed to continue to pay the $25.00 discount for life membership applications for our

chapter? Even if all remaining Chapter 862 “non-life” members take advantage of this, we will still

receive more money in life membership rebates than the cost of this discount.


When mailing items for Membership,

Please use our Membership Chairman's address who is:

Gary Shaffer

709 Ohio Ave.

Midland, Pa. 15059-1415


Official Chapter 862 Mailing Address

VVA Chapter 862

PO Box 26

Rochester, Pa. 15074


Our meetings are currently held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the:


179 Virginia Ave

Rochester, PA. 15074

Hey!  They are also offering LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP for 1/2 Price. Stop and ask the Bartender for Details!


We are one of very few, "Board of Directors" that meet monthly!

The Board of Directors meets in the "Board Room"

every 2nd Wednesday of every month at 7:00 PM.


VVA Chapter 862 is located in Southwest Pennsylvania.

Our membership includes all of Beaver County as well as the following surrounding counties.Allegheny, Armstrong,

Butler, Fayette, Greene, Lawrence, Washington & Westmoreland Counties.

We also have many members scattered out all over the United States.


(Brief History)

When did it all start? We needed 25 to sign a charter,

Our first meeting was organized by Lloyd "Skip" Haswell and held on Wednesday, March 15, 2000 at Boscov's

Department Store in the Beaver Valley Mall in Monaca, PA. We only had 17 attend.

We waited for 3 months, Skip put an ad in the Beaver County Times and tried again!

The next meeting was held at the Monaca American Legion on Wednesday, July 19, 2000 where we had 53 attend,

therefore, we signed the charter that night and we have met every month since then. An "Election of Officers" was

held that evening, and we were on our way


President - Lloyd "Skip" Haswell

Vice President - Michael Mikulich

2nd Vice President - Jon Neely (Dec)

Secretary - Frank "Lee" Corfield

Treasurer - William T. Muns

Delegate - Tracy King


This chapter was organized under the Law of 1988 and filed Articles of Incorporation with

the Pennsylvania Department of State on the 2nd day on November, 2000.